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本文摘要:Finlands Nokia says it is suing Apple for breaching 32 technology patents.据芬兰诺基亚公司回应,他们状告苹果侵害其32项技术专利。


Finlands Nokia says it is suing Apple for breaching 32 technology patents.据芬兰诺基亚公司回应,他们状告苹果侵害其32项技术专利。Nokias law suits have been filed in three courts in Germany and one in Texas. The claims cover patents for displays, user interfaces, software, antennas, chipsets and video coding.诺基亚的这一法律诉讼早已在德国的三家法院和德克萨斯的一家法院驳回。



这些诉讼牵涉到显示屏、用户界面、软件、天线、芯片组及视频编码等各种专利。Nokia said: Since agreeing a license covering some patents from the Nokia Technologies portfolio in 2011, Apple has declined subsequent offers made by Nokia to license other of its patented inventions which are used by many of Apples products.诺基亚回应:“自苹果公司在2011年表示同意从诺基亚专利人组中提供一部分专利的许可以来,该公司早已拒绝接受了诺基亚向其明确提出的提供其他专利发明许可的拒绝,这些专利被用作苹果公司的许多产品。”Apple started legal action against Acacia Research and Conversant Intellectual Property Management, alleging they had conspired with Nokia to extort money from Apple.此前,苹果公司则针对Acacia Research和Conversant Intellectual Property Management两家公司采行了法律行动,指控其与诺基亚共谋企图从该公司勒索钱财。Between 2009 and 2011 the two companies were locked in a series of tit-for-tat legal battles over the patents for the technology they used in their mobile phones.在2009年到2011年之间,这两家公司就陷于了针锋相对的局面,他们对各自手机品牌中用于的技术专利展开法律争夺战。

At the time Nokia was still the worlds leading mobile phone manufacturer, but was being rapidly undermined by the rise of Apples iPhone. Nokia eventually sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2014.当时诺基亚依然是世界上领先的手机制造商,但随后被苹果iPhone的兴起很快巩固。诺基亚最后于2014年将其手机业务出售给了微软公司。