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本文摘要:Most of us have shiftily looked something up on Google that wed rather keep private.曾多次偷偷地用谷歌搜寻过不为人知的小秘密?我们大多都经历过吧。


Most of us have shiftily looked something up on Google that wed rather keep private.曾多次偷偷地用谷歌搜寻过不为人知的小秘密?我们大多都经历过吧。From slightly embarrassing medical issues, naff guilty-pleasure pop songs, to researching issues which are personal to you, the search engine never judges you.因为搜索引擎的益处在于,无论你侦什么——小到些许难为情的内科杂症,淫秽却酸爽的流行乐,大到与个人隐私涉及的事宜,它都绝不会戴着有色眼镜来看你。

Were not here to judge, either. What you look up on Google is your business.它会,我们也会。却是,这是你的个人隐私。

Sort of.不过,这事儿也不了打包票。There is in fact a way of finding out what the person just before you searched.如今的确有方法追查,前一个用户在侦什么。Heres how it works.操作者流程是这样的。

The tool is called Mystery Search and while theres no way of knowing who that person is, it does throw up their results.这里我们中用一个工具,那就是谜样搜索器,通过它,虽无法确认搜寻人身份,但却能看到此人的搜寻内容和结果。So when you type something in, the person after you will be able to see what that was.所以说道,如果用了“谜样”搜寻,你之后的用户不会看到你的隐私哦。For example, we were daydreaming about dinner, so decided to look up some inspiration.比如说,有一天,我们正在幻想自己晚餐不吃什么,于是要求网际网路搜搜找寻启发。And got, er, whatever this is.然而,我们这次用的是谜样搜索器,呃,这搜寻结果究竟是什么鬼……A search for flowers which bloom in winter got us a result for how old Tom Hardy is (39 in case you were wondering), but the possibilities are endless and capable of being VERY weird - worryingly so sometimes.此外,用它来搜寻“冬季绽放的花上有哪些”获得的答案毕竟“汤姆?哈迪的年龄”(39岁,如果你奇怪的话),当然,这还只是小意思,你还不会看见无数千奇百怪的搜寻结果,要多鬼有多鬼,有时甚至到了让人忧虑的地步。

Because now people are cottoning on to this tool, theyre having some fun with it.现如今大家已熟悉“谜样”的功能,所以仍然乐此不疲地拿它找乐子。Taking to Reddit to share what the Mystery Search churned up for them, users revealed the results they got.用户们在红迪网上共享自己都用“谜样”搜寻翻出来些什么内容。There were alarming ones.有十分扎眼的内容:I got how to join KKK, someone disturbingly revealed.某用户心碎道:“我搜到的是如何重新加入3K党”。


There were nonsense ones.有些则较为无厘头。I spent ages pondering before going for origin of shiver me timbers. I got lol lol lol一名用户写到:“我想要了很久才要求搜shiver me timbers(吓老子一跳跃)这个短语的原文,结果我获得的搜寻结果是三个笑的缩略语。


”Better luck next time.不能千秋这位用户下次好运。Other results were sexy Pikachu, text me pictures of Chewbacca and someone in Russia who is worried about whats eating wild and domestic raccoons.还有诸如“性感皮卡丘”、“给我发些楚巴卡的图片”这样的搜寻结果,某俄罗斯用户甚至关心野生和驯化的浣熊不吃什么。There is of course a downside to the Mystery Search fun. Some results probably arent the sort of thing you want on your internet history.当然了,谜样搜寻快乐多,隐患也多。

总有一些搜寻记录是你不愿被他人看出的。Take it from Redditor FlyAwayWithMeTomorrow, who said, Im stopping due to possibly highly legally questionable material showing up for my ISP in a search.正如红迪网某ID为“明天老子带上你飞来”的用户回应:“我要停止使用它了,有一次搜寻时我的服务器竟然跑出了一些相当严重违法的内容。